You ain’t weak, if your cry alone! 

She was born an introvert, she tried to open up. But cost of being hurt, again, was too high to pay. She wanted to scream her heart out, but rather was silent. I felt how lonely was she but today when I look at her, i realise she was lonely by choice, not because she didn’t have anyone. Crying alone maybe the worst feeling, but the person who appears after that cry are way stronger than the one who they were. 

So, here is to all those people who cry alone. It’s alright to be alone for sometime, cause in the long run of life you’ll once realise solitude hears better than anyone can or could. 


MOM (To the person, no dictionary can explain) 

To look how your a bit grown walk would’ve been special for you.

But to see that very person fall and get hurt wouldn’t have been easy. 

To hear saying Mom from her would have been the best feeling ever. 

But hearing that voice rising at you wouldn’t have been so. 

Joy she got while eating your food would have always made you elated. 

But seeing that food ignored for Italian or Lebanese would have been painful

Listening her ‘I love you’ when you get her new clothes would have contented you

But seeing those clothes now called old fashioned wouldn’t have been bearable. 

That tight hug she gave when you brought her a cell phone would have bought tears. 

But now realising her cutting your calls wouldn’t have been acceptable.

Looking at her crying to sleep besides you would have made you the happiest person.

But today seeing her irritated by your going in her room wouldn’t have been easy. 
Her new face for you isn’t easy to accept. 

But one day her realisation that this face killed you from inside would be bearable for her.

To your misfortune this realisation has time to come. 

And too her misfortune when it will come, it will be too late! 

Address to her heart! 

While leaving, she left a postcard

Secretly at doormat of his heart

Years later, he found it

On replying he realised 

Address to her heart had changed. 

The mirror of present, reflected the past. 

Everything was same

Only their roles interchanged. 

Poem on Poetry

your birth is always on the most unusual time 
you’re born seven oceans far and travel round the world

with no passport and visa

you emerges from every single thing i see around 

from sun’s rising up to a body breaking down

you’re someone’s outcome of heartbreak 

and someone’s cure to heartache 

you behold gravity within cause

you give solitary a new life

you’re the beauty which some recite 

and that on replay thing in writers mind

you hold power within yourself 

which touches us, even without touching 
how do you carry heavy words and rhyme them easily 

how does your presence make recluse pass happily 

how do you uphold someone in their hard times

how do you sustain centuries after your mother dies
there are yet many ‘how do’ questions back in my mind 


your name gives me answers 

just like the last time 

It’s okay!

it’s okay not to be okay always.

it’s okay not to be strong always.

it’s okay not to hide your emotions sometimes.

it’s okay to be silent at times.

it’s okay not to always choose the difficult path.

it’s okay not to always give explanation when asked.

it’s okay not to forget the past sometimes.

it’s okay not to carry a fake smile like we do a lot of times.

its okay sometimes to walk alone.

its okay sometimes to keep things to ourselves.

it’s okay sometimes to cry to sleep.

its okay sometimes to realise forever is never out of dreams .

it’s okay not to always match up with the trends.

it’s okay skipping 7-star meal for pani puri at a local stall.

it’s okay sometimes arriving messily and not sassy.

it’s okay writing our feelings down on a paper rather than telling.


your eyes?

wear eyes lenses and perfect fake lashes

try to find love. you’ll get their attention, girl
your lips?

fake a smile. make a pout.

try to find love. you’ll get boys to like you, girl
your skin?

lighten your tone or darken it temporarily.

try to find love. you’ll get much attraction, girl
your body?

flaunt it and make it curvy.

try to find love. you’ll get lust, girl

be yourself and cherish your deed.

then try to find love. you’ll get the most of it, girl