Ever lasting love 

i’m sorry 

i ask for an apology 

for all those times 

for all those nights 

i was screwed 

i was messed

i was a nutshell


kinda disowned by my mains and 


i came up to you 

on the verge of breaking into tears

billion of stuff stuck on the tip of my tongue 

blood dripping down my wrist 

hair all shabby eyes all red

the first time, i remember confiding into you 

no worries of being judged 

no worries of being cheated 

no worries of being played

no worries of being broken


how do you manage to make me feel so light 

even when i’ve tons of, puddles of, guilt, depression, tears, fear, hate, misery, sorrows 

flowing in, with the blood 

i’m sorry 

for being so selfish 

for coming to you only in my bad times

and forgetting you in the good ones 

for being conditional, not once/twice but maybe always 

for abiding in all those poetries which never really rhymed 

like this one

for not letting you rest, by coming at 3am or sometimes at 3pm 

sorry for the tears 

which fell upon you

making you a bit soggy

a bit too untidy 

my dairy ❤ 


9 thoughts on “Ever lasting love 

  1. This is a very well written post. I mean from the very first words “i’m sorry” to the very last words “my diary”, in between, it told a heartfelt message. I guess I was compelled, if you will, to read more and more. And I’ve been searching for people like you who writes like that, and I’m glad I found you, or in this case, I’m glad you found me on my travel post. V good. You deserve my follow!

    Liked by 1 person

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