Why even quit

Why die young When you’ve songs you haven’t sung

Sites you haven’t seen and places you haven’t been
Why die pretty 

There is a world outside the city 

People you haven’t met and secrets you haven’t kept
Why die so fast?

These moments will pass 

There is the book you will miss 

There are coffee cups you haven’t kissed 

Meadows to walk through 

children to talk to 

books left to be read 

so why? Oh! why do you wish to be dead?
Why even die when you can travel alone?

Leave this world

And disconnect your phone 
Why even cry over someone’s world?

When there is someone’s ‘I love you’ you yet haven’t heard. 
As you stare at that vein kissing that knife 

Think of all the things you’d miss if you end this life. 

If I were you I’d wait for the scars to fade. If I were you I’d put down that blade. 


9 thoughts on “Why even quit

  1. Wonderful post Hridya..such a strong message conveyed beautifully. I would never take a knife in first place. Thank you for writing this thoughtful post. May many people read and realize the beauty of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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