Birth giver!

To look how your a bit grown walk would’ve been special for you.

But to see that very person fall and get hurt wouldn’t have been easy.

To hear saying Mom from her would have been the best feeling ever.

But hearing that voice rising at you wouldn’t have been so.

Joy she got while eating your food would have always made you elated.

But seeing that food ignored for Italian or Lebanese would have been painful

Listening her ‘I love you’ when you get her new clothes would have contented you

But seeing those clothes now called old fashioned wouldn’t have been bearable.

That tight hug she gave when you brought her a cell phone would have bought tears.

But now realising her cutting your calls wouldn’t have been acceptable.

Looking at her crying to sleep besides you would have made you the happiest person.

But today seeing her irritated by your going in her room wouldn’t have been easy.
Her new face for you isn’t easy to accept.

But one day her realisation that this face killed you from inside would be bearable for her.

To your misfortune this realisation has time to come.

And too her misfortune when it will come, it will be too late!


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