The undeniable treasure

The call logs which only had his name, now seem to have everyone else’s but not his. From the late night conversation of five hours, now texts exchange for hardly five minutes. From those tight hugs to today, we merely see each other. Promises of never leaving each other, sounds as a bad joke today. Hands which were never alone, fingers which rest upon each other’s now has the most cruel cuts. The future we once planned, ground beneath my feet show no roots to it. Yes we were trapped, trapped by the most hurting yet beautiful thing; Love! It has been always stated that first love is sweet! But the wounds it gave were even more deeper! I tried, so did he. Once? Twice? Oh no, many times! And all the heartbreaks clearly indicated, we weren’t meant to be together. My love for him was genuine and that’s why it kinda hurts to accept the reality that today, we not together. We are not one. He is not mine and I am not his. 

Would it be okay if I say breakup means the couple were not in love? But does that also mean that only committed ones love one another? Absolutely not. Two people can feel for each other even if they aren’t together and at the very same a couple could feel nothing for each other even after years of commitment. 

Maybe our stars do not match and that’s why we had to apart. But the love we hold will definitely bring us back, tomorrow or a week later or decades later! I will wait. I will wait for him. I will wait for the fortune to turn up, just because these feeling are never fading. We are not one but spiritually we both live together.

My phone still blinks notifications and each time it does I know, it’s not him. Maybe because I never told him how much I feel for him. Or Maybe because he never tried to know this. Or maybe because I’m writing this in my notes and never sending him. 


4 thoughts on “The undeniable treasure

  1. I feel you. Hope you are going strong. If you don’t mind I would love to share my story. A couple years back, I had a beautiful relationship with a girl. I loved her so much. However, relationships are meant to be easy. She went back to Korea while I continued studying in the state. We broke up 6 months later. Two years fast forward, I met up with her again in NYC. We spent two days together we had so much fun catching up our lives. We said good bye again. We loved each other but we probably weren’t meant to be together. πŸ™‚

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    1. Relationships are never meant to be easy* πŸ™‚
      I know how it feels when to too much want to be with someone, but you just can’t make that happen. But eventually things fall in the right place πŸ™‚
      May you find your partner soon!
      Take care. Stay blessed!

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