Fiction is love, inside the hate!

There are some relation which, even if we don’t want, penetrate so deep to our veins that they become inseparable, even if the two break apart. There’s always one of the two who is a bit more in the bond, or should I say the one who likes to show off the love! If you once loved you will always, No matter what or how you end up. This love will always acquire the softest part of in heart and you won’t ever want to see them hurt! 

To the outside world they may see as normal, like the ones who worry about nothing, but the truth remains deep beneath their skin. Bonds strengthen! Passing challenges and decking up trust, timely fuel up the relation. All things fall into right place, at the time when they are meant to be. And it unveils as the best when we go with this flow

Rushing to make it strong may sometimes create a crack, a crack which breaks a pebble in two.

Time makes it happen, all that needed is patience, faith and hope. Patience, that it will happen; faith, that they’ll be yours and hope, that they’ll always stay. But if one imbalances in between the trio, then path towards it’s ‘so-called’ end may take. In cases like this people unknowingly do the optional, which may hurt their partner. They don’t intend to bruise their heart or feelings, all they wish is to get too close to the other especially when the other one is not ready. They try to ring their partners, out of insecurities and it often exasperate the other. Faulty is not the unsecured one, but I would say both. Out of annoyance, people generally try to avoid or ignore or even sometimes end up with their partners and after breaking apart they usually call it ‘hate’.

After getting too much irritated, do you really start hating them? Or you try to distance yourself from them? We seek to unfasten our heart from them and to our satisfaction say, we hate them.

Destiny often make the broken meet and journey give them change to undo what they did. Situation be the same yet, only the rude hearted becomes more into love and to the ruthless, ego disappear, but the fear of seeing the other half hurt again becomes unbearable. They make up as emotional-less and deny to the red carpet of their lover. With this rejection, the past unsecured one becomes strong af, and the as known tough heart becomes weak again and again, with every single day.

Bravado could have accepted their lovers proposal but the bill of paying to every single tear was too high.

How hypothetic it is to see the one you loved with each capillary meant everything to you but to them you were just a random person, Unknowing that their heartbeat still fasten just to see you smile.

To you they hate you, but to them you defined love.
– Hridya


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