True partner. 

Two broken hearts, wounded souls met. Time is needed for healing, but they made peace by resting upon each other’s scars. Her heart was been tossed between the extremes. It was pulled in many directions, but she didn’t know which string to cut from. What her unfortunate unexpected dream expected, was happening. The confusion of distinguishing between the rights and wrongs secluded her. Time came, when all she experienced was been misunderstood, but it was the time she was been shown the right path. Frustration was multiplying, she pulled herself back from everyone out there. 

All she needed was someone to understand her, console her and in great irritation she started cutting off the people who helped her throughout. Misconception about none believing in her made her run away from him. making her pillow and diary aware of all her bad times. Her skin was marked with words which covered the scars of her soul. He knew being alone, piercing herself with the worst and appear to be happy outside was what she was unobtrusively doing. His heart had known all she had at the end of the day was him, the only shoulder to cry upon, the only hand to held her strong, the only arms which could clam her down and the only lips which could rest upon hers. 

When only black and white colours pooled around her with the worst nightmares she had ever thought of, every night he came as a blessing, swording her from the masquerade, making her aware of the reality which beautifully masked the lies. He filled her with colours, so as she doesn’t take the role of a recluse. To this person, thousands of words sit there at the tip of her tongue, failing to gather voice. Those words escalate everyday, trying to whoosh out her mouth. That every second collects courage, the guilt of hurting him again and again choke her up. 


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