Soul connection 

Eyes are the mirror of your soul and when two meet, you remember each other, or should I say the soul remember everything. From the pains you had to the smiles you shared. ocean stop its flow, butterflies around freeze, sky above cherish, land beneath smile; happen when two souls meet. This connection cannot be made all of a sudden, it is entwining of the distinguished destined souls. It take seconds to connect with that ultimate drug, who had been by our side before our existence in today’s human body. It cannot be just a romantic poetry, but a lot different too! This Connection blinds itself to see the physical appearance or any sort of difference, including sexuality, race, standard or background you share. It may be Ultimate affection towards fellow, everlasting love for an animal, inexplicable attraction towards a tree, deep love for your lover or silence between a beggar and a well-to-do. 

Romantic bonds maybe or even may not the the true connection. This attachment is way beyond the boundaries of simply ‘love’. Soul mates cannot be referred to lover or anyone, enriching our life on the outside. They may do so or they may not. 

 They aren’t the one we give the tag of ‘soul mates’, just because they know us to the core or because they had been with us since ver long or because they do what according to us is right. They are surly not the ones without whom we are incomplete but the ones who give us the strength of being a whole even without them. 

Soul connections are beautiful, intensely beautiful. This gives us another meaning to live. Sorrow of one soul, brings tears in others eyes. Rich conversation, without saying a word happens. Beauty doesn’t attract the one anymore. It’s the naked soul which does. 



7 thoughts on “Soul connection 

  1. As always you have compiled a brilliant post. 🙂
    Every one of us should look for a soulmate in life, having a soulmate in life is exceptionally tranquilizing, soul connection is something very rare and that is why it is tough to put its beauty into words 🙂

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